"I like the Susan Sontag quote, 'Pay attention to the world,’" says Olivia Kim, Nordstrom’s VP of Creative Projects.
"Photography can change the way we look at what we see. Everything we know—every object, animal, emotion, place—has been documented, but I always crave a new perspective. Petra’s photos capture moments that are real and honest, even when the moment is just friends hanging out talking about pimples and politics. Her pictures validate those conversations in the flash of a second—that's modern life.
"On set, Petra’s energy and bravado were inspiring and infectious. She tells it like it is. Maybe that’s what it means to be young: You do what you like because you haven’t yet had too many people tell you that you can’t. Spring is like that, too; its newness is totally uncompromising and completely refreshing."
I am about as old as "…Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears. Most cherished accomplishment? I was a National YoungArts Finalist last year and am currently a U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts candidate for photography. Words to live by? I have the phrase “It goes” tattooed on my right rib and spray-painted on my wall.
Real-life heroine is my grandma—I learn so much from her!
I'm about as old as the Western classic High Noon. My motto is enjoy what you wear, wear what you enjoy, then go out and show the world. I'm inspired by watching the older gentlemen in the community of Harlem and the rich Puerto Rican culture coupled with old film noir. My mother gave me a love for all things sartorial.